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    J.Crew showed their Spring/Summer 2017 collection at NYFW over the weekend and traded in traditional models for a retinue of friends, family, and staffers wearing the…

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    It’s TIFF time! Just how celeb obsessed do you get? Do you wait outside the Hazelton Hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of Justin, Jennifer,…

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    Nothing says Canadiana quite like the Tragically Hip and this week on Mode I’ve rounded up 9 Hip songs inspired by homegrown tales from the true…

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As some of you already know, I’ve spent a lot of time in the tropics this past year, exploring what life is like in Bali. I’ve had to get super comfortable with riding motorbikes, undrinkable tap water, families of five on motorbikes, 100% humidity every freaking day, children who don’t look old enough to be in school driving motorbikes, territorial geckos who sh!t all over everything, motorbike traffic… did I mention the motorbikes? I’ve also had to make nice with all manner of tropical wildlife. While my Aussie friends seem

These “read-it-later” apps will help clean up your browser tabs (repeat offender!), via Refinery29. Did you hear? Statement earrings are in for Fall 2016. Via Vogue. My favourite travel guide is back and better than ever! Via Nectar & Pulse. 8 DIY Halloween costumes inspired by activewear, via Well and Good. See what happens when you eat vegan for a week, via The Every Girl. 5 things that will improve your morning 60 seconds or less, via Sporteluxe.

Morning routine: brush teeth, wash face, moisturize, lather on sunscreen. Face – check. Neck – check. Knees – wait, what? Ladies, hold the phone. Apparently I’ve been applying sunscreen wrong. Face, neck, chest, back. I’ve got them covered. But knees? A friend of mine recently revealed that she makes sure to slather her knees in sunscreen every day because she doesn’t want saggy old knobs connecting her thighs and her shins (full disclosure, we’re on a tropical island where it’s shorts all day every day, so it’s not like she’s SPF-ing under her

These photos taken from space make you realize just how tiny we really are, via Vice. See what happens when a school replaces detention with meditation, via Upworthy. Gluten free breakfast bars from Oh She Glows, via Well and Good. 5 steps to starting a business while working full time, via The Every Girl. This shower inset in a watercolour print is absolutely stunning, via Pinterest. This instagram account is a bit bonkers, and I mean that in the best possible way, via @milk.

An interview with Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer (comedy head explode), via Lenny. You’ll never guess what food these earrings are made of, via Environmental Jewelry. Sweet potato muffins make the perfect on-the-go breakfast, via the Toronto Star. The best travel websites you’ve never heard of, via Refinery29. 8 healthy habits that are cheaper than your morning latte, via The Chalkboard Mag. Talking to strangers is good for you, via the Globe & Mail.

No basic bitches in sight at the J.Crew SS/17 presentation at NYFW, viaMode. 5 apps that will make you more productive, via Sporteluxe. 8 wedding guest rules everyone should know, via The Every Girl. 10 places with the clearest waters in the world, via Blog Lovin. What to eat before and after your workout, paleo style, via Well and Good. 3 Instagram accounts that’ll keep you up at night, via Apartment 34.

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