Why You Shouldn’t Shop When Your Hair Is Looking Fab

You know how they say you should never grocery shop when you’re hungry, because you’ll end up buying all sorts of junk you normally wouldn’t? Well here’s something else you should never do – you should never shop for clothes when your hair is done and you’re looking fierce. It sounds counterintuitive, but I think I’m onto something here.

You would never pick up that rich and gooey butter tart, or that package of Chewy Chips Ahoy if you didn’t find yourself wandering the aisles at the grocery store, 90 minutes past mealtime and ready to gnaw off your arm. Similarly, you probably wouldn’t buy those wide-leg houndstooth culottes, or that Navajo-print poncho that makes you look like a character from Hair, if you didn’t go shopping, fresh from a blow-out.

I’m not preaching from an it-bag display pedestal here – there are plenty of items in my closet that are the result of an ill-timed shopping excursion immediately following (a) an appointment with my hair stylist (aka the most important man in my life), (b) a makeup session at the nearest beauty counter, or © a beach vacation and its ensuing bronzy glow. Why did I make these fashion faux pas? Because it’s easy for something to look great when your hair is done and you’re feeling pretty. Embroidered peasant blouse? Sure. Low-rise pleather leggings? Sign me up. But just like you regretted those Chewy Chips Ahoy, you’re going to regret this too.

The real sign of a great piece is when it looks fantastic, even when you’re not feeling your best. If you’re out shopping, and your hair looks like it hasn’t had an intimate relationship with shampoo in 4-5 days, and you try something on and it still looks amazing? BUY IT! Feeling a little under the weather, but you find a top that makes you look like it’s always sunny in Philadelphia? That’s something you should own. Hell, you should probably own one in every colour.

We’re not all going to start shopping greasy-haired and makeup-free (and hopefully not when we’re a walking petri-dish of the cold and flu virus), but consider this the next time you’re in a fitting room, with flowing locks and the lingering look of summer’s sunkissed glow, feeling like Gisele, thinking, “I can totally rock this sequinned onesie with peekaboo stripes and fur! Or a dress that puts my undies on full display.” You cannot. Back away from the onesie and go treat yourself to a fabulous lunch with friends instead. After all, you can’t waste that hair sitting around doing nothing. 

Back away from the onesie. 


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