High/Low: Coin Necklaces

This fall, a few coins in your pocket might buy you a pumpkin spice latte, but these coin statement necklaces will buy you instant street style cred. There’s something about coins incorporated into jewelry that reminds me of faraway destinations. They feel historic, almost magical, as if the designer happened upon these hidden treasures of an ancient culture, and felt compelled to weave them into a timeless piece, perfectly au courrant for present day. And while they may be inspired by currency, with options both high and low, you don’t have to spend serious coin to get the look.  


High // Dylan Lex Tyson Necklace $820
Medium // Jenny Bird Maiden Wave Coin Bib $110
Medium // Silk Road Falling Coin Necklace $58
Low // Forever 21 Coin Fringe Necklace $17

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