A Rainbow of Fresh Juices

Good morning sunshines! It’s March 18th, which means that some of you may be greeting the day with a wicked hangover, brought on by one too many pints of green beer – St. Patrick must have been one vengeful S.O.B. Thankfully for you, there’s another green bevvy that’s going to save your sorry ass from certain sickness. Say hello to the new collection of Fresh cold pressed juices.

That’s right, Toronto’s premiere source for modern vegan food recently launched a series of 100% raw and organic cold pressed juices, handmade nut milks, and power shots. Aside from the pretty packaging (the glass bottles and minimal branding are a designer’s wet dream), the collection also delivers a healthy punch of super foods and micronutrients in every bottle.

Choose from every colour of the rainbow for a variety of health benefits. Still hankering for a shade of green? Try the Clean Green, a cleansing, hydrating, and energizing combination of spinach, parsley, celery, romaine, cucumber, lemon, and ginger that will help you forget about yesterday’s over-indulgence. Feel a cold coming on? Sip the Antioxidant, whose tart iron-rich mix of beet, parsley, lemon, kale, and green apple will help boost your immune system. Want to stay in bed and eat nothing but cereal? Pair it with Moon Milk, a protein-rich, bone building, de-stressing nut milk made from blueberry, spirulina, green apple, vega protein, dates, and raw almonds.

The drinks should ideally be consumed within 72 hours (that’s how long the live nutrients and enzymes will maintain their stability and taste), but thankfully they’re available at all Fresh locations and at select grocers and retailers across the GTA, so they’re always close at hand. Plus, once you open a bottle of Mad Chocolate nut milk, it’s a foregone conclusion that it will be gone before you can say “moo.”

Last, but not least, if you subscribe to the “hair of the dog” approach, the Apple Ginger Glow apparently pairs well with prosecco, but don’t blame me if you end up right back where you started, which I’m pretty sure was on the bathroom floor, praying for the room to stop spinning and for the leprechaun to stop screaming in your ear. Bottoms up.

Image credit: Jay Eckert, Parachute Design  

Fresh Cold Pressed Juices are currently available at all four Fresh locations as well as Dark Horse Espresso Bar, 889 Yoga, additional retailers to be announced soon. For more information or to find a location please visit www.freshrestaurants.ca/find_us.


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