Top 10 Travel Essentials for Summer Destinations

I’ve always been a particularly gifted packer. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I just really enjoy packing for a trip. There’s obviously the excitement and anticipation of travelling to a new destination that comes with pulling out the luggage, but it’s more than that. I see packing as a great puzzle. Where others struggle with what to bring, and end up paralyzed by choice and surrounded by a pile of clothes (or worse, a suitcase full of random pieces, thrown together in a last-minute panic), I jump into nth degree organization and begin planning outfits, accessories, and colour palettes before the plane ticket charge has even appeared on my Visa bill.

Of course even though I start every packing list with a clean slate and an open mind, there are a few essentials that never fail to make it onto the list. Here are my top 10 travel essentials (summer edition). Bon voyage!


1. A sharp summerweight fedora not only shields you from the sun, it also keeps you looking polished and hides your humidity-frizzed hair. (Panama Hat, J.Crew)

2. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that Birkenstocks will keep your feet happy and blister free for miles and miles of destination exploration. This T-bar style is a little more streamlined than the original two-strap. (Birkenstocks, J.Crew)

3. I don’t go anywhere without my Saje Pocket Pharmacy. I roll on the Immune before every flight, use the Peppermint Halo to fight off headaches, and pull out Eater’s Digest whenever my tummy is upset with foreign food. The Stress Release and Pain Release come in handy too. (Pocket Pharmacy, Saje)

4. For many years I travelled without a backpack because it took up too much room in my suitcase, but this packable version from Herschel makes it easy to carry along (it folds up into a tiny internal pocket), and is perfect for wandering the streets or hitting the beach. (Packable Backpack, Herschel)

5. When temperatures are scorching, but you still want to look polished and put together, a breezy summer dress is an instant win. This linen A-line version can be dressed down for day or fancied up for night, and the white colour will keep you cool in the heat. (Linen Dress, Free People)

6. As a general rule, when exploring a new destination, it’s always smart to tone down the flash (that means no big bling or fancy watches, they’re too attractive for local pickpockets and thieves). Keep things understated but elegant with a simple leather style. (Watch, The Fifth Watches)

7. Speaking of understated accessories, a simple necklace will go with most outfits and won’t attract too much attention (except from those with savvy style). The good luck charms on this necklace might also help keep you safe, wherever you roam. (Good Luck Charm Necklace, J.Crew)

8. A bikini is a must-have for summer packing lists, and I love the whimsical pineapple print on this triangle version. Plus, the white will look great against sunkissed skin. (Pineapple Print Bikini, Victoria’s Secret)

9. The classic denim jean transitions to summer in a crisp short. A rolled cuff keeps things looking a little neater than stringy cutoffs. Pair them with a dressy tank and you’ll be on point for city or sand.  
 (Shorts, J.Crew and Tank, Mango) 

10. Sunglasses are an essential for both style and wellness. The polarized lenses in these black tortoise frames will protect your peepers and let you people watch to your heart’s content. 
(Sunglasses, Wonderland)


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