The 3 Secrets of Scandinavian Style

Last week, after finally flying my Bali nest (somewhat reluctantly I might add), I made the 30+ hour journey to Stockholm to meet up with some friends, stuff myself full of chokladbollar, and check out Scandinavia’s style capital. What a fascinating place! There’s a distinct look on the streets of Stockholm that’s so different from anything I’ve seen in other major cities. It’s not the sophisticated looks of Paris or the glamourous fashions of Rome. Stockholm style is simple, classic, and fresh-faced, with a dash of athleticism tossed in. There’s also an androgynous quality to the fashion here that’s incredibly refreshing. Almost everyone is smoking hot but no one is trying to flaunt it.

After conducting a very scientific study of street style (read: I walked the streets of Stockholm for three days, and turned people watching into an Olympic sport) I’ve come up with the three basic elements of Scandi style.

The 3 Secrets of Scandinavian Style

1. Stick to a neutral palette.

You want to know how we could tell the locals from the tourists in Stockholm? The tourists were the only ones wearing any colour. Stockholmers like to stick to a neutral palette. If it’s not black, white, grey, or denim, it’s probably not in their repertoire.

2. Choose clean lines and simple basics.

Ruffles, embellishments, and superfluous details need not apply. Scandi style is all about clean lines and classically tailored basics in simple silhouettes.

3. When in doubt, go with flats.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that bicycles are the main mode of transportation, but most of the people I saw (men and women alike) were sporting casual kicks. Bonus for the ladies, who can stay comfortable and looking cool without a stiletto in sight.

Here are some Pinterest finds that remind me of Stockholm style. What city style do you find inspiring?


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