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Let’s talk about my new obsession, wetsuits. Since I’ve recently relocated to a tropical island known for some of the best waves in the world, and am attempting to learn how to ride said waves, I figure I might as well look the part. You don’t necessarily need a wetsuit in Bali (the ocean feels like a warm bath pretty much 365 days a year) but if my new hobby comes with the opportunity to introduce a new fashion item into my repertoire, well, bonus!

I’m still learning about the pros and cons of different materials, thicknesses, and overall construction, but for now, I’m having a whale of a time looking up photo after gorgeous photo of kickass suits and the inevitable tropical beach settings that accompany them. Here’s a smattering of my latest inspo. Maybe one of these beauties will be the encouragement I need to get more time in the water so I can actually look as good riding the waves as these suits look on shore.


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