In Love With Lace

lace lead

I’ve been a little bra obsessed lately. Specifically I’ve developed a particular fondness for light lacy numbers peeking out from the low-cut armhole of a worn-in old tank. It’s the perfect contrast of casual and refined, feminine and masculine. It’s rough luxe, wardrobe edition.

The barely-there styles I love are really only suitable for ladies sporting an A-cup (B at the very most). Light as a feather, generally lacking underwire, and with straps as fine as angel hair, they aren’t exactly what you would call a supportive brassiere, but damn are they pretty!

To be fair, they don’t pretend to be anything they’re not. Usually dubbed a “bralette” – the bra’s dainty little sister – they’re pretty much telling me to my face that they’re not up to the job of a real bra. “Call me when you want to play,” they say, “but I’m not in the mood for any heavy lifting.”

Be that as it may, these beauties have still caught my eye and bring just the right amount of flirt to an otherwise tough ensemble. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, right now certainly feels like the time for a little lace. Slip one on and feel pretty as can be. A layer of romantic armour between you and the world.


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