Gap Time Travels Into Summer 1984


According to a recent Gap eblast, nothing says summer like tees and tanks, but I think what they meant to say is nothing says summer like an outfit my mom would have worn circa 1984 (hi mom! love you!). I’m not the only one who sees this and thinks, “someone on the marketing team at the Gap has lost their mind.” I know this for a fact because I received this gem on a group email with a bunch of my girlfriends and the subject line, “WTF?” WTF indeed.

I get that high-waisted shorts are a thing (even though frankly the only people they look good on are under the age of 23 and build like a giraffe; even the model’s rear view on the product page is a tad underwhelming and she is literally paid to make those short look good), but what’s up with the tucked in logo tee? In what universe is this look considered cool?

There are a bajillion things that could have improved this outfit. If the shorts were cutoffs instead of hemmed. If they had an inseam that didn’t produce camel toe. If the tee was logo-free. If they replaced the shorts and tee with a cute little pair of capris and a loose linen tank with the perfect amount of drape. Literally anything.

I imagine this made the cut because some marketing exec somewhere, forgot Mother’s Day this year and thought, “Shit! How can I make this up to mom? I know! I’ll include an ode to her summer uniform of mom jeans and cast-off tees in our next campaign. Problem solved.” Ahem, no. I think not. If this is the look of summer 2016, I’d say the problems are just beginning. Wake me up when it’s Fall.

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