Camp Yoga: Summer Camp for the Big Kids


On more than one occasion someone has uttered the words to me, “you went to summer camp, didn’t you?” More often than not it happens when I’ve been singing incessantly on a nature hike, or after I’ve insisted on lighting the campfire with a perfect log cabin kindling design. It sometimes happens if I’m bragging about being able to solo a canoe (so far that has impressed exactly zero people). And it’s guaranteed to happen if someone happens to get a glimpse of a name tag inside an old pair of undies. The answer is always YES! SUMMER CAMP IS THE BEST!

For any of you who didn’t get to go, I’m sorry about that, that must have been awful. You might insist that you didn’t like bugs or that you were too busy with “theatre camp” to spend your summers up in the wild, but I know you were secretly wishing that you could spend a week or two (or eight!) up north, with dirt under your fingernails, twigs in your hair, and a perpetually wet bathing suit riding up your fanny. For a Canadian youth, there’s no better way to summer than at camp! And as my grandfather once told me, “spend as many summers there as you can, because there will come a day when you’re too old to go, and you’ll wish you had had more time there.” Wise words.

Right about now you’re thinking, thanks a lot for reminding me of the summer camp that I miss so much / the summer camp experience I never had, and double thanks for telling me I’m too old to have it now. But that’s not the way I roll chickens. I’m here to tell you it’s not too late! Because Camp Yoga is here and it’s going to be bananas!

This 3-day summer camp for adults has been spreading like wildfire (er, maybe not a great camping analogy) across Canada since it began last year. It mixes way-back play-back camper faves like canoeing, archery, and rock-climbing with more mature activities that appeal to your adult self. Think cabins, bunk beds, and stand-up paddling meets live music, DJ raves, and wine tasting – all topped off with kickass yoga and fitness classes taught by top instructors. It’s fun and fitness in one amazing weekend, and you don’t want to miss it.

The BC event just finished up at the end of May, but lucky for you, Alberta and Ontario are still to come (and US locations coming in 2017)! If you’re in the Toronto area, Camp Yoga is coming to Parry Sound September 9-11 and lucky CC readers get a discount just for being rad and reading this blog (code below).

I’ll be there, so book now and let’s go stuff our faces with s’mores this September. Meet you on the dock. I’ll be the one singing at the top of my lungs and solo-ing a canoe.

Get $50 off with promo code: campcurious.
Hurry! Bunk beds are filling fast and this code expires August 31.


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