I love fitness, I love style, and I love being comfy from morning to night, so in my humble opinion the athleisure trend is one fashion fad that can stick around. See the celebs leading the way in my roundup this week on Mode. / image source /

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Style rules for wearing jeans with sneakers, via Sporteluxe. Colourful Ikea makeovers with a simple coat of paint, via Apartment Therapy. Standing desks are amazing, and now available en masse, via Huffington Post. The 9 life lessons I’ve learned in the surf, via Mode. You can now eat birthday cake in croissant form. Say what?!? Via Refinery29. Kate Hudson’s guide to a workout for every mood, via Well and Good.

À la Mode

surf lessons

Humility. Perseverence. How long I can hold my breath under water without passing out. Surfing has taught me a lot. This week on Mode I share 9 life lessons I’ve learned in the sea.

The ideal body shape for women, illustrated in 17 different countries, via Professional Beauty. How to handle this month’s lunar eclipse, via MyDomaine. One of my favourite trips ever was to Patagonia. Here’s a little peek, via Tiny Atlas. 11 grab & go breakfast recipes that are way better than your protein bar, viaMode. I can’t get enough of this simple summer dress, via The August Diaries. 15 creative ways to make money, via The Everygirl.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day (maybe brunch since it means a good sleep-in first), so writing this week’s piece for Mode was a breeze. 11 Grab & Go Brekkies that are way more delicious than your boring bagel. Mornings are now less yuck and more yum.

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