When I’m not blogging for Curious Citizen, I love dedicating time to another one of my passions, interior design. I’m always honoured when I’m asked to help plan or make over a space, especially when it’s a project near and dear to someone’s heart. This was definitely the case with my most recent design project – a nursery for the imminent arrival of a new little bundle of joy. When my friend Sheri asked me to help design the nursery for baby #2 I was super excited, but also a

I’m so excited to share that this week I’ve been featured as the Be Our Guest blogger on ASC’s Tumblr! ASC is one of Toronto’s top PR agencies, applying their media-savvy minds to the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Their job is to stay in the know and ahead of the curve, and I was honoured by their praise for Curious Citizen. Click through for the full story. And a big thank you to the lovely ladies at ASC.

Despite the fact that I keep trying to ignore it, Fall seems to be just around the corner. And I suppose if I can’t beat it, I might as well join it, in all its boot and blazer-wearing glory. At least there’s Fall fashion to look forward to, and the first taste of it came earlier this week via J.Crew’s sneak peek at their September Style Guide. 55 images were released on Pinterest (a clever first for a major apparel retailer), and showed the typical J.Crew lineup of tailored classics,

No matter how many years I’ve been out of school (and let’s not dwell too long on that actual number, lest I start to wrinkle before my very own eyes), September always feels like the time to start class. And though I may not be a full-time student any longer, there are always things to learn, so this year, I’m putting on my thinking cap to attend Blog Podium. This one-day conference, held at the end of September, will see design and lifestyle bloggers from across the nation converge on downtown

Anyone who’s ever tasted a pretzel M&M can attest, sweet and salty is, hands down, one of the ultimate flavour combinations. I’ve found this sweet spot in chocolate chip cookies dotted with sea salt, or in McDonalds french fries dipped in a hot fudge sundae (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it). Most recently, I’ve been indulging my sweet n’ salty taste buds with this simple rice cracker snack. Like Goldilocks once said, “this is just right.” Take a plain or buttered popcorn-flavoured rice cracker. Spread almond butter (or your

I have several vices in life (most of which I will deny in public), but one that I feel totally comfortable revealing is my addiction to greeting cards. I love a great greeting card. One that’s beautifully letterpressed. Or hilariously  random and funny. Or touchingly sweet. Or just too pretty to pass up. I have an entire box at home, full of cards that I’ve picked up along the way, always at the ready for birthdays, babies, weddings, holidays, sympathy, or just to say hello. I think it’s a habit

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