If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life, it just might be the insalata cavolo nero at Gusto 101. I order it every time I visit the King West restaurant. I’ve had it as a light lunch, for dinner with a side of grilled flank steak, I’ve even had it for brunch before my eggs, because I seriously just can’t get enough. The cavolo nero is a combination of finely chopped kale, toasted pine nuts, sharp pecorino, and sweet currants, all dressed in a tart lemon

Sometimes the only solution for a morning fashion dilemma is to revisit the classics. A palette of black and white. Graphic polka dots. Ballet flats with a patent accent. And loads and loads of silver.

What’s Your Signature? There’s something magical that happens when an advertising spot strikes a deeper note than just, “buy this product.” When its message is as applicable to life, as it is to the sale. This spot from Apple, the company known for its singular design focus and user-friendly devices, achieves that magic sweet spot. I’ve reproduced the copy below, and the full spot can be viewed up top. When you watch it or read through, you can choose to remember it’s an ad for Apple, or you can read

  I’m always pumped when a new food spot opens in my neighbourhood, but when it’s a bakery I usually prepare myself for disappointment, since they often don’t carry anything for the gluten-free set. So imagine my excitement when I ventured into the newly-opened Forno Cultura with some friends, and asked if they had any GF goodies, and the answer was YES!  On this debut visit I tried a Cacao Nocciola cookie (pretty good, but not something I’d rush out to have again) and something called the Torta Caprese –

Surf’s Up


I’m not sure if it’s the sunshine or the summer season, but from fashion to décor, everything that’s catching my eye right now seems to be straight from the surf. Think beaches and sand. Freckles, sunkissed skin, and the coconut-y scent of Hawaiian Tropic. Ocean water drying to a salty finish in the warmth of the sun. Flip flops. Cutoffs. A riot of colour. And spaces where you can flop down on the sofa, rest your beachy waves on a pillow, and not worry about getting sand on the floor.

Rest assured, you don’t need to believe in God to appreciate today’s post. Although, by the time you finish, you may want to get on your hands and knees and thank the heavens for the eye candy you’re about to receive. I give you StriveLife. A workout for the gods, or more specifically, a workout with the gods. At 7:00am on a recent Friday morning I showed up to an astroturf field in downtown Toronto, ready to get my sweat on with the newly-launched company that describes themselves as “a

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